Market leaders in our industry, we know what the consumer wants and needs are; with our custom designs, manufacturing and installation of secondary window systems, Chelsea Secondary Glazing product development has led to a range of units that withstand the current climate and the test of time.

Secondary glazing is nothing new. In the 19th century, many buildings were constructed with internal secondary windows incorporated as part of the original design. When you use secondary double-glazing on windows, you stand to generate plenty of advantages. The rewards contain significant ranges of acoustic sounds reduction, draft proofing, thermal insulation, enhanced safety and reduction of airborne dust.

We design units based on individual requirements for all consumers; tested and certified in our very own factory, we ensure that we provide the highest quality control standards where each individual is certified to carry out expert level of work. We take our work very seriously and have a 100% customer satisfaction rate from thousands of clients. Our secondary glazing is lightweight, durable and requires very little maintenance. All fixing and screws are hidden by a special trim to give a seamless look. We supply and fit curved secondary glazing for arched windows where every installation comes with a minimum 10-year product guarantee.

Chelsea Secondary Glazing is a prestigious company that deals with quality secondary glazing, we are known as specialists in windows and soundproofing providing you with the best possible rates - THAT IS WHY WE GUARANTEE TO BEAT ANY QUOTE ON THE MARKET.


Our corporation was founded in 90’s with only one aim in mind – to provide the best possible service to our clientele. We manufacture in house which gives us the opportunity to supply as well as install secondary glazing for various clients in and around London. Our products are designed in such a way it increase thermal comfort, help to reduce noise by up to 77% and promote thermal efficiency.

Providing affordable, innovative secondary glazing is in our nature, our independent window systems allow us to easily install any home or building. We are renowned for our easy to understand services and technical know-how. Join thousands of satisfied customers who have experienced the benefits of our secondary double-glazing fitted into their existing window reveals or frames.

We cater for a variety of industries from

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1. Reduction of Noise

Given that a majority of people who live in the UK suffer from noise pollution on a daily basis, you will be happy to know that one of the major benefit of secondary glazing is the reduction of noise that would enter in an out of any type of building or home, it has been proven to reduce noise by a minimum of 77% as compared to other methods.

Standard double glazing holds gas in between the panes that are typically 24 – 28mm apart, where as secondary glazing uses two pieces of glass approximately 100mm apart. The type of glass used also helps reduce the noise; the specialist 6.4mm stadip silence laminate glass produced by Saint Gobain translates the reduction of noise by approximately 40 decibels.

3. Cost

Secondary glazing is a much cheaper alternative to changing your window structure; for one, it does not require full replacement structure and gasses to be inserted within your conventional double-glazing system. It simply requires supplementary units to be installed on the inside of existing windowpanes and could save you thousands. The installation process is quick and simple with our professional staff that will take care of all specifications to your exact requirements.

5. It boosts Security of your Home

Secondary glazing can boost your home security and deter any criminals by offering an additional glass barrier. It is extremely difficult to open a secondary window from the outside, this means that even if an intruder breaks through the main window, the second layer would act as a deterrent from entering your home as it is difficult to break through or open.

7. It promotes a pleasant environment inside the House

Old methods of window glazing usually provide futile resistance to time, seals become ineffective that can cause cold draughts, mould, ingress, vibration, pollen, dust and other airborne pollutants to consume your living space; this is an unnecessary hazard to you, your family or your employees. Secondary glazing will help to solve these dilemmas by giving you a life span guarantee.

2. Increased Thermal Efficiency

The most underrated benefit of secondary glazed windows is the heat loss prevention that it provides. Seeing that the majority of heat escapes from windows, it’s a not surprise when existing homeowners that decide to replace their single glazed windows is to cut heat loss.

A better and cheaper alternative is to use secondary glazing; the independent secondary glazing window system is tightly sealed. With the right mechanism and construction, this method will keep your house warm during cold seasons and can go a long way in reducing your energy bill. Installing secondary glazing also adds value to your home for potential buyers as you are maintaining the original features of the property/building.

4. Convenience

Seeing that building laws and regulations are a tedious and exhausting, secondary glazing helps solve the dilemma of replacing your old windows that could potentially cause a problem. Many people use this process to help them save the time-consuming and expensive approval process of regulation.

It is crucial to note, if your building is a under listed building control, you may still have to undergo the approval process.

6. Secondary Glazing is Environmentally Sound

Environment is very important and secondary window glazing can help conserve the environment. The thermal efficiency heat loss prevention process can help eradicate excess energy from being consumed; also the thoroughly efficient process used to produce the premium grade aluminium is known to use less fossil fuel.

Another motive for environmentally friendly glazing is that it does not help to promote waste by replacing existing windows and to contributing to landfills –it expands the lifetime of the present ones by adding the additional layer.

8. Condensation Control

During winter, one of the biggest problems is condensation; secondary glazing provides you with this solution, the individual panes are easily detachable to help remove any unwanted moisture, this will help reduce any future problems such as seal openings, pollutant congestion etc.




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