Chelsea Secondary Glazing is a reputable service provider, with substantial experience servicing commercial clients, vast experience in the hotels, leisure, religious, office, education and health care sectors.

We know we can cater for any type of client. Our clients include NHS, Network Rail, St Marys Hospital, Eccleston Hotel, Millennium Baileys and many more. That’s how we can guarantee a trusted service like no other.

Manufactured in our own British factory, we use the finest of components with fully recyclable & sustainable sources. We guarantee not only the best price but also one of the fastest turn-around times, without disrupting the day-to-day running of the business. We commit to consistently high levels of customer service throughout, from initial consultation to project completion.

Our specialists can custom design and install windows for any different shapes or styles, units are designed to be fitted without tampering with the primary window frames, this allow for discreet, non-invasive, reversible, easy cleaning with out compromising the original beauty of main frames.

Chelsea Secondary Glazing meets the commercial sector’s needs regardless of the business, our custom acoustic sound insulation, improved thermal insulation and enhanced window security will provide you with the best possible product at the most affordable rates.

Acoustic sound insulation will keep out all types of noise, from traffic, aircraft or just your usual street noise, we can guarantee that our secondary glazing units will go above and beyond. It’s a must have essential for libraries, galleries, lecture theatres, museums, meeting rooms, hotel, clubs, pubs and offices.

Thermal insulation secondary glazing will seal the gap between the primary windows to the secondary, this allows very minimal heat loss that double-glazing alone can not accommodate for by itself; enjoy great energy savings without any worry to your décor.

Secondary glazing also provides enhances security to any building, it provides and extra barrier for any intruder to breach to gain access. The toughened glass makes it very hard for an intruder to gain entry by force of entry; it will give a long enough period for any criminal to be deterred.

Secondary glazing can eliminate condensation; we have spent years on innovation and research, this has helped us tackle the many dilemmas that buildings face. Our units are easily detachable for easy access and can save you a fortune in the long run.