Eliminate unwanted noise with our new and innovative soundproof windows. Specially designed in-house to reduce amount of sound entering and escaping from you personal space with added bonus of an additional level for security purposes.

Using Reveal Fix frame formats, attaching the unit to the sidewall of the reveal (rather than to the face of the primary window) enables the secondary unit to be positioned away from the primary window. This greatly improves sound insulation.

We have carried out tests using specialist decibel meters & measured with accuracy the decibels traveling into the property before and after several installations using specialist stadip-silence glass. We are proud to report that in all tests carried out, our windows eliminated a minimum of 77% of noise pollution traveling in and out of buildings.

Ideal for those who live in noisy or built up areas or for those who just prefer the quieter life. Made in our British based factory, our life span guarantee will leave you with one less worry; our A rated glass systems provide you with peace and tranquillity from the outside world.

Chelsea Secondary Glazing provides better sound reduction as well as heat insulation than standard single-glazed windows. Many would consider it essential for houses close to busy roads or other high-noise generating objects. Secondary Glazing is the most effective solution for reducing intrusive noise through glazing.

Not only we achieve high-end noise reduction from our advanced glass technology, our sound proofing windows are also much tougher and harder to break, making them safer and more economical.